Japan Paper
Dear naru Ritz-Specifications

Taiwan China!

Taiwan China!

National regeneration

Ocean Paru head means no People's Liberation Army Navy

Japanese enemy

Taiwan, Japan

China,Rika risk?

Chinese ambitions


body of a weak

alliance ...

new country, Taiwan Republic of China!


RE: "words""unified"

Japan and Taiwan than the pivot, "this ga machines?

China, Taiwan navy の Status

Hear this sound

Yomitan News Yori


Taiwan (Morokuchi)

Island, mainland China

Chinese Communist Air Master

forced ri ku ru Chinese の threatened Wei (Full Text)


forced ri ku ru-wai ~ Chinese threat, "the liberation of Japan Program" blur

Taichung relationship with heart wa

Taiwan 2

Taiwan independence Memorial Day

head out-degree


Nanjing slaughtered before & Suites barely!

Chungking ga Tatari Japanese cars to the oil to resist any

laugh only!! Militarist state Honke "China"

favor! (Laughs)

Japanese foreigners do not

Lee Teng-hui ago Bldg Commission

Zhu foreign stem Wataru

specifically yen loans" and other supply!!

Sensou Forbidden City, the fire protection state of the Japanese family Trio-CM Wang F

territorial ambitions ga aru

protest against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!!

Sensou Forbidden City, the fire protection state of the Japanese family Trio-CM Wang F

Yori China!?

RE: China!?

Taiwan future,

Taiwan future, ma si ma si-ming ru Naru

"Taiwan" wa "Taiwan", never Shina such as a non

Li Yue-ku, "the Senkaku islands territory"

National regeneration

Chiang Kai-shek hero (?) Legend


Rika ODA see straight?

without trial on the Funabiki ki break fail to study?

de Cina Cina of mainland China

rule of law

Shina wa no ku mo ri of Correctional Services

Shina under the inferior

Sakurai, Sumio "Shina this when ku ka na

"Tiananmen incident"

Dalian Travel conditions

Chinese Communist Party

Shina wa "sleep れ ru Lion" Yao ri from?

force to resolve the

fabricating facts

Shina Historical knowledge is!

Ailuropoda big cut

full-ku words

minority mercy

minority mercy


m in the knee Li Mao

service ni

Wen ko e ru

Nanjing murder wa

fill Nanjing murder

Koizumi's Yasukuni Participation reason Si

Yasukuni Participation

desu ga!! "Historical Kam" Kanazawa Jiang China

Shenyang Consulate General of Japan

"immigrants" ru de facto thing Minoru ─ ─ Shina of the territory of 拡 Zhang tools

"Republic of China" Qing after country without

country is not the main turbulent ─ reunification of the country "Republic of China" Fantasy

The Chinese do it again in Austria holiday or Urlaub in Wien. The Japanese also make holiday again in Europe.

"cut means known vocal Shina ─ ─ "Taiwan issue" see the contradictions ru Cina

Suites 17 of the Agreement" see ru "one country, Ryogoku system" fool

forget to go to Imperial Army soldiers who question the people of Taiwan servicemen and their dependents

Suites Chinese territory!

China "militarist Japan" ru critical qualification!!

Taiwan lifeline" ─ "Taiwan issue" side to aru"

A total of Sakae Daito Aki



Northern Territory & Takeshima ≠ Taiwan

Tanaka, the Foreign Secretary any of the history of female non

phase hand-too ga ga ru ka "theory.

cross-country set


People's Liberation Army Taiwan Qin Gong

"Historical insights," ka see Aki 戦 Daito fight

Island, mainland China

walk Road

split phobia

private see go za i ma si ga.

Honke militaristic country "China"

"militaristic state" calls?