Taiwan Independence Party Program

The Kuomintang regime in international law, national identity, the introduction of all kinds of "creative ambiguity" concept, so that Taiwan can not be a sovereign state based on the international community. Internally, the constitutional order, the original China's "Constitution of the Republic of China" to Taiwan to "freeze" the use of constitutional reform since 1991, the Chinese system in Taiwan, "the creation of strange odd system, fuzzy Constitutional grounds," and ruin constitution should be the establishment of constitutional order, lead to confrontation and conflict.

Based on the international community, a prerequisite is that Taiwan must be a sovereign and independent country. Now, Taiwan is a sovereign and independent country? This is validated to resort to the international community does not allow political parties to fool the people of Taiwan, which is the Independence Party honestly tell the people of Taiwan, Taiwan is not yet a sovereign state, so an independent state quickly so that in the year 2005 Previously, before the Chinese invasion of Taiwan have the ability to declare Taiwan independence, sovereign countries and to confront China.

How can Taiwan become a sovereign and independent country? First of all, is the establishment of a constitutional right of the people of Taiwan to develop a Taiwan's own constitution, Independence Party advocates the "Republic of Taiwan" for the country name, Taiwan's constitution is referred to as "Republic of Taiwan constitution." Secondly, the "Constitution of the Republic of Taiwan" is to develop the declaration of Taiwan is a new and independent sovereign state, without any disputes with China.

Construction of Taiwan's vitality and vigor of

The establishment of constitutional order, in addition to a line with the spirit of constitutionalism and constitutional principles of the Constitution and, more importantly, the actual operation of the Constitution of the growth and development, that is, the development of Taiwan's new constitution should be set aside "Republic of China Constitution" all kinds of strange contradictions and sly, but with a new vision and meaning, vitality and vigor of Taiwan, while Taiwan's vitality and dynamism of this construction project, need everyone to participate in, understanding and concern. Although consideration of the political parties in order to vote, and the "ROC" counterparts, but as long as people soon realize the importance of the constitution, "change" will occur at any time.

Presidential system of checks and balances system of separation of powers

The separation of powers is necessary for the modern principles of the Constitution. Taiwan Independence Party advocates the strict separation of the executive power and legislative power, and independence of the judiciary in a presidential system, as national institutions. The cabinet system, countries often have their "constitutional monarchy" of the historical background of Taiwan do not have this historical conditions, the Taiwan side, it is difficult to "copy" of the system, cabinet system, but easy to form a party, regardless of the "Republic of China system," the strange tire.

A new constitution to the current immediate effect and significance of Taiwan's

1. A comprehensive reform of the opportunity: a new constitution in order to make Taiwan a comprehensive reform of the political, economic and social levels

Surface defects will not repair the West changes the East are still causing all sorts of confrontation and conflict.

2. Get rid of the rule of man towards the rule of law: After all the people and concerns about the adoption of the constitution in order to make Taiwan by the rule of man change

Into the rule of law, all parties do their duty to follow the constitutional order to establish the right to sub-3

Li, the people trust in government.

3. Highlighting the status of sovereign state: a constitutional show that Taiwan people have the constitutional right to sovereignty and to the establishment of constitutional order

The determination of international status for the fight against the Chinese annexation ambitions,

Would be the most effective backing.

4. Towards a democratic welfare state: the constitutional order established by the well-being as the center of the state system, so that Taiwan

In the protection of human rights, attention to social welfare true democracy.

Constituent Program

1. Referendum on the constitutional development of the Republic of Taiwan

2. The establishment of the welfare state

3. To strengthen protection of human rights

4. The adoption of the separation of powers

5. The implementation of the presidential system

6. To establish a single Congress

7. Courts have the constitutional power to review

8. Simplified levels of government

9. The implementation of local self-government

10. Party shall not operate profit-making enterprises