Happy Independence Declaration
We are happy and peaceful people of Taiwan in this announcement, Taiwan is an independent state. We seek freedom, democracy, social welfare state, we are also working towards this goal for our children and grandchildren to lay the basis for happiness.

We firmly believe that the cosmos kept the truth: People have a born with equal rights there is a God-given and can not let the degree of rights, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, in order to protect these rights, Taiwan and China must be lifted between the political and the amount of interdependence among nations on earth, enjoy independence and equal status.

Standing on one corner of the world, human history, every country in the process of an independent state, without exception, filled with blood and tears, antagonism, hesitation and sacrifices, and these costs are in exchange for the independence and happiness. However, reflected back from the world, Taiwan has long been the existence of national elements, only lacking the determination of the people of an independent state, people in Taiwan can be avoided rest of the world, unfortunately, in a separate process and anxiety, the creation of a model of peaceful nation-building in human history, miracles. The 2000 presidential election, it was the beginning of nation-building project!

Today's declaration of eternal vows, happy to do Ganyuan Shou, the Taiwan Independence, an early and successful!